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Elevator Soft Starter

What is an Elevator Soft Starter?

Elevator Soft StartersThe motor starter controls the electrical voltage and current from your building power source to your elevator. Many older mechanical starters have become obsolete and parts to repair may not be available, which can lead to extended downtime and unplanned costs to return the unit to service.

A Soft Starter for your elevator is revolutionary technology that replaces the existing and obsolete mechanical starter and also adds phase, over-voltage and under-voltage protection to major elevator components. This protection helps prevent your motor from burnout during phase loss and enhances motor life.

A Soft Starter also provides potential energy savings by changing the amount of energy used by the motor according to the load on the motor, while keeping the motor speed the same.

Key Benefits

Increased Component Life - Phase protection helps prevent motor burnout during low-voltage situations and accurate selection of starting motor current, which increases component life.

Increased Availability - Reduced downtime to replace components that may be damaged due to burnout or low voltage.

Decreased Operating Expenses - Reduces operating expenses for costly repairs that may not be covered under your maintenance agreement.

Potential Energy Savings - Reduces the amount of energy used by monitoring the load on the motor.

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