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Elevator and Escalator Control Systems

If you've purchased the following equipment, we're happy to provide documentation and wiring diagrams:

•  KCM831 – traction / hydro

•  Resolve 100 / 20 – traction

•  Miprom HS, Miprom SL, Miprom 1 – hydro

•  Miprom ST, Miprom 21, Miprom II, Miprom 1 – traction

•  SSC-6010

•  TMS600 – traction

•  TMS500 – traction

•  TMS 50av – traction

•  TMS 50a – traction

•  Relay controls – traction / hydro

•  Eco3000 2.0 / 1.5 – escalator

•  O&K HD – escalator

•  S-Control – escalator

•  ES24V-B – escalator

•  ES24V – escalator

•  HV-Control – escalator

•  EcoStart – energy saving control for escalators

Spares Bulletins

Critical information bulletins and "fit kits" are available for control system component upgrades and replacements:

•  Connecting, testing, & adjusting rescue-pack

•  Allen Bradley Analog to Digital DC Drive Conversion

•  Sweo to Magnetek AC Drive Conversion Instructions

•  AB 1392 to Magnetek AC Drive Conversion Instructions

•  Escalator Starters from KONE Spares

•  Cetek Control System Specifications

Technical Manuals

KONE Spares can assist you when installing equipment and components you have purchased. Technical manuals are available for our products, but must be requested at the time of purchase.

Wiring Diagrams

For KONE wiring diagram information, please refer to the Elevators and Escalators wiring diagram pages in the documentation that came with your equipment.

For CETEK controller wiring diagrams please contact your Sales Representative for specific wiring diagrams you may require.

Escalator Parts and Elevator Parts for North America

We carry OEM parts for all major elevator and escalator brands:

KONE, Montgomery, O&K, Armor, MAC, Otis, Schindler, Dover, ThyssenKrupp, and many others!

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