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Technical Resources for Escalators

Spares documentation for the components and wiring diagrams you have purchased can be provided for the following equipment:

•  Eco3000

•  Eco 3000 EcoMod

•  O&K HD

•  E5000

•  HR Series

Spares Bulletins

KONE Spares has developed kits for upgrading obsolete components. The list below is representative of the kits available from Spares.

•  Escalator Comb Impact Adjustment Tool Kit Instructions

•  KONE ECO3000 Event Code 44 Faults

•  ECO3000 Escalator Telemecanique Soft Start Replaced w/AB SMC-3

•  Eco3000® Disc Brake Inspection and Replacement

•  ECO3000 Drive Motor and Brake Sensor Bearing Replacement

•  Fabricated Escalator Steps – Step Body Cracks Replacement Policy

•  HR Escalator Handrail Roller Cluster Part Assemblies

•  Escalator Starters from KONE Spares

Wiring Diagrams

The following list of wiring diagrams is representative of the prints available for purchase from KONE Spares. Call 1-(800) 343-3344

Escalator Standard Electrical Drawings

•  KONE ECO3000 Escalators and Autowalks

•  KONE EcoMod Escalators

•  Escalators and Walks with Smart Controller (E-series HR, E-Series 5000, W-Series)

Escalator Parts and Elevator Parts for North America

We carry OEM parts for all major elevator and escalator brands:

KONE, Montgomery, O&K, Armor, MAC, Otis, Schindler, Dover, ThyssenKrupp, and many others!

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