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The KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier

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You know the zombies we're talking about. The kind who wander into your work area while staring at their smart phones.

Barriers can be secured at both ends with locking, heavy-duty suction cups on swinging arms to ensure a secure and lasting hold to almost any surface.

Barriers can also be secured using optional locking clamps which fit around the handrail.  Kit includes extendable 3 foot cable mechanism for adjustability.

A locking hinge design allows rigid, non-moveable panel coupling (patent pending).

The size of the barricade allows complete protection of the escalator / walk maintenance area, including removed access cover and open pit (Six 30” panels, 42” high).

Six (6) Fabric Safety Yellow panels over powder coated metal tubing frame with overall width of 180” to secure complete work area.

Locking Suction Cups hold securely to almost any surface, including drywall.

Part No. KM51124109R01

Swinging arms fasten to the barricade, and can be used with either the suction cups or the EZ Grip clamps (shown at right).

Part No. KM51124108

Optional EZ Grip clamp kits fit around the handrail and include extendable 3’ cable.  Cable can also be used with suction cup application.  Part No. KM51124110

KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier Part Numbers:

USP23275003 Maintenance Barrier (English) - Includes locking suction cups and swinging arms

USP23275004 Maintenance Barrier (French) - Includes locking suction cups and swinging arms

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