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MAC Door Equipment

The MAC door operator is a permanent-magnet solid-state and closed-loop operator that provides consistent high-performance door operation for all types of applications.

•  Measures velocity feedback of the motor.

•  Measures position feedback of the doors.

•  Microprocessor control system.

•  Adjusts to various conditions, including door weights and wind resistance.

•  Meets consultant closed-loop specifications.

Find Your Part

With KONE Spares, it's easy to identify the parts you need. Use the following form to assist you in determining which MAC door operator you have:

Identify Your MAC Operator (PDF) »

Use the PartsView "Search by text" feature to browse an extensive list of available MAC parts.

AMD Door Equipment

KONE AMD high performance door systems deliver smooth, linear action and quiet operation. The action is consistent at each stop regardless of differing door weights and air pressure.

KONE AMD door systems handle every situation without skipping a beat. It is a function of KONE closed-loop control. The performance profile is set according to your specific needs and the digitally encoded feedback allows the system to learn about your building ensuring precise performance every time.

Once your elevator's performance profile is set, you can count on reliable, consistent door operation, regardless of variations in your building's environment.

Technical Resources

Spares documentation for the components and wiring diagrams you have purchased can be provided for the following equipment:

•  EcoSpace

•  EcoSystem MR

•  MonoSpace

•  Resolve 100

•  Resolve 20

•  Miprom ST

•  Miprom 1

•  Miprom 21

•  Megatech

•  SSC 6010

•  TMS 500

•  TMS 600

•  TMS 900

•  HH/MX with KCM831

•  HH/MX with Miprom HS

•  HH/MX with Miprom SL

•  HH/MX with Miprom 1

•  AMD – door equipment

•  Renova – door equipment

•  MAC – door equipment

Spares Bulletins

Spares has made available 'Fit Kits' for upgrading obsolete components. The list below is representative of the kits available from Spares. Spares bulletins are also available, and provided with the 'Fit Kits.' Call 1-(800) 343-3344

•  Allen Bradley Analog to Digital DC Drive Conversion

•  Sweo to Magnetek AC Drive Conversion Instructions

•  AB 1392 to Magnetek AC Drive Conversion Instructions

•  Interchangeable Miprom Input Board - USP29629002

•  Miprom 21 Brake Panel Changes

•  Hydraulic Elevator Starter Panel, Rockwell Automation Starter

•  Hydraulic Elevator Starter Panels with A-B SMC-3 Soft Starter

•  Operation and Wiring of Elevator Soft Starter Panels

•  Hydro Moris to Maxton Valve Conversion Kit Instructions

•  Hydraulic Welded Muffler Life Expectancy and Replacement

Technical Manuals

KONE Spares can assist you when installing equipment and components you have purchased. Technical manuals are available for our products, and must be requested at the time of purchase.

Wiring Diagrams

The following list of wiring diagrams is representative of the prints available for purchase from KONE Spares.

Hydraulic Elevator Standard Electrical Drawings

•  Hydraulic Elevator with KCM831 Control

•  Hydraulic Elevator with Miprom HS Control

•  Hydraulic Elevator with Miprom 1 Control

•  Fixtures

Traction Elevator Standard Electrical Drawings

•  Traction Elevators with KCM831 Control

•  EcoSystem MR Elevator with KCP931 Control and KDH Drive

•  EcoSystem MR Elevators with KCP931 Control with KDH S/D Drive

•  Traction Elevator with Miprom ST Control

•  Traction Elevator with Miprom 21 Control

•  Traction Elevator – Megatech

•  Traction Elevator – SSC – 6010

•  ReSolve traction w/AC Drive & Bar Positioning

•  ReSolve Traction w/AC Drive & Encoder Positioning (Yaskawa)

•  ReSolve Traction w/DC Drive & Encoder Positioning (Allen Bradley)

•  Fixtures



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