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KONE Spares carries OEM parts for a wide variety of escalators, as well as from Montgomery, O&K, and KONE ECO3000; our scope is far and wide. Our supply of high quality OEM escalator parts is not only engineered per the design of the escalators, but are also produced to the highest safety standards.

And More

Innovative product designs such as soft-starter upgrades, comb impact upgrades, and cast step conversions help provide a level of offerings not provided by any other supplier. Replacement steps, handrails, skirts, and many other replacement components that are all stocked and ready to ship make the maintenance of an escalator cost effective and efficient. For a complete listing of the escalator parts provided at KONE Spares, see our line card.

Technical Resources for Escalators

Spares documentation for the components and wiring diagrams you have purchased can be provided for the following equipment:

•  Eco3000

•  Eco 3000 EcoMod

•  O&K HD

•  E5000

•  HR Series

Spares Bulletins

Spares has made available 'Fit Kits' for upgrading obsolete components. The list below is representative of the kits available from Spares.

•  Escalator Comb Impact Adjustment Tool Kit Instructions

•  KONE ECO3000 Event Code 44 Faults

•  ECO3000 Escalator Telemecanique Soft Start Replaced w/AB SMC-3

•  Eco3000® Disc Brake Inspection and Replacement

•  ECO3000 Drive Motor and Brake Sensor Bearing Replacement

•  Fabricated Escalator Steps – Step Body Cracks Replacement Policy

•  HR Escalator Handrail Roller Cluster Part Assemblies

•  Escalator Starters from KONE Spares

Technical Manuals

KONE Spares can assist you when installing equipment and components you have purchased. Technical manuals are available for our products, and must be requested at the time of purchase.

Wiring Diagrams

The following list of wiring diagrams is representative of the prints available for purchase from KONE Spares. Call 1-(800) 343-3344

Escalator Standard Electrical Drawings

•  KONE ECO3000 Escalators and Autowalks

•  KONE EcoMod Escalators

•  Escalators and Walks with Smart Controller (E-series HR, E-Series 5000, W-Series)


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